Friday, August 22, 2014

News, swaps and minis WIP

It's been a while I didn't post here, I am not very active at the moment, personal things happened and I was really depressed (and still). Anyway I try to change my mind and to be back on the craft trail. You can see a big change on the blog layout, a cleaning and update was necessary, and it's more easy to navigate like this with the links !

I am also working on sewing items and accessories, I want to open a new shop soon under the name "Atelier Dolly". It will be about a mix of shabby and decora styles, all about bags, outfits and more. It's time for me to get in business again with new ideas and concepts. It's my dream to live from this after all. I give 3 years to myself for the business to work well, so let's do it and see.

I have received some swaps I was in on the past three months, it was about different things like stick pins, lace pages, altered composition book, tag, ATC, charms and needle book :

I have to do a video about them, I'm so late on doing videos with all what happened !!
I signed for more swaps at our lovely group Ink the Edges, so a Halloween domino book, an altered tassel spool and a tea book and mini are coming !

And now a little talk about my minis in progress.

Still working on this one for Lori, it's a mix of everything but the main theme is about Beauty, I used mainly digital stuff and two different paper stacks for it. It's half done, but here is a preview:

And I have to finish this paper bag Halloween mini too, I started it on the past year and Hallow eve is coming :

Many projects are in wip but each thing one by one for now =)

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