Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Swaps swaps!!

Another post about swaps! I signed for some at Ink the Edge, it's always my pleasure to play with the girls and also a good way to entertain myself during the vacation.

Here the last things I made:


Un autre article à propos de swaps ! J'ai participé à plusieurs à Ink the Edge, c'est toujours un plaisir de m'amuser avec les filles et un bon moyen de m'occuper pendant les vacances.

Mes dernières créations:

Mini album and its box/Mini album et sa boite

Altered bottle cap charms/Capsules modifiées en breloques

Fabric heart with dangles/Coeur en tissu avec pendants

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My other passion: antiquities hunt/Mon autre passion: la chasse aux antiquités

First a little change on the blog: from now I will write in English and French, so French readers could follow me too!

And now a post about something I enjoy a lot: collecting antiquities! My favourites items are ususally about fashion but boxes, tableware and everything else is welcome in my collection. I have a preference for items around 1900 to 1930, and for victorian era too but those ones are hardest to find and expensive. But there are always good deals waiting for you when you know how and where to search!

Finding new treasures is always an excitement, they bring memories and past life in them and as I'm someone very empathic they make me feel peaceful and serene, like when you were a kid spending time at your grandmother's place, you know that feeling I mean?

Voici un post à propos de quelque chose que j'apprécie beaucoup : collectionner les antiquités! Mes objets favoris sont généralement relatifs à la mode, mais les boites, la vaisselle et tout autre chose est le bienvenu dans ma collection. J'ai une préférence pour les objets allant de 1900 à 1930 et pour ceux de l'époque victorienne, cependant ces derniers sont difficiles à trouver et assez onéreux, mais il y a toujours moyen de faire de bonnes affaires quand on sait comment s'y prendre et où chercher !

Trouver de nouveaux trésors est toujours une source d'excitation, ils sont porteurs de souvenirs et d'une vie passée et, pour quelqu'un de particulièrement empathique comme moi, ils m'apportent calme et sérénité, tout comme quand vous étiez petit et passiez du temps chez votre grand-mère, vous voyez de quelle sensation je veux parler ?

Some of my recent treasures/Quelques trouvailles récentes:

I got all of this for less than $40! Beautiful porcelain tea set and boxes, antique metal boxes, old trims, and the fan was a gift with the set!!

Le tout acheté pour moins de 40 euros! Un magnifique service à thé et des boites en porcelaine, des boites anciennes en métal, de la vieille dentelle et l'éventail était offert!!

I won those two bags on ebay, the first one is from Belgium, in velvet and Bruges lace, around 1900.
The second one below is from England, made from an exquisite silk, Victorian era.

J'ai gagné ces deux sacs aux enchères sur eBay, le premier vient de Belgique, en velours et dentelle de Bruges, époque 1900. Le second vient d'Angleterre, fait d'une soie exquise et datant de l'époque victorienne.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Featured by Graphic 45

Almost forgot it!! My Couture box was featured on G45's blog!

What a nice surprise!!



Swaps and news

I moved to a new house with the kiddies one month ago and wow, it feels good to have our own home !! After more than 7 months living in my parents place in France, we can finally open our luggages for real ! And now that I can have a serious workshop, I'm going to craft the way I was used to do. For now I am installing things and my brother is helping me for building some furnitures, DIY !!
Below are the latest things I did before moving, the two are swaps at the group Ink the edges,
the first one is an altered shabby tag with its coordinate bag. I wanted to do something elegant and think about a dress made from paper and lace =)
And for the second one Debbie got the nice idea to make altered trim,it's really fun to do and the possibilities are without limits! It's also a good way to have your very own trim and saving on money.

                   Also I altered a wine wooden box to store my lace because it's a happy mess, my cat Marquise seems to like it =)

I'm late late late on videos!! So many things to do!!
Wish you a good summer, may the inspiration be with you!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Peter Rabbit tag book

I did a swap time ago at Ink the Edges, a forum owns by my friend Debbie. It was about making a tag with a character from Peter Rabbit, I choose Benjamin Bunny for my part, we were four participants so each one had to make the same tag x the number of participants. But why? Because Debbie got the great idea to compose a book for each one with our tags, and you obtain a cute and unique Peter Rabbit tag book!

Here you can see it in pictures, Debbie did a great work with the assembling and cover, and also added our names!!

And Debbie also sent me some beautiful goodies! ^^
Thank you dear!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Latest projects

Not productive as before but I did some things for Easter (yes yes I'm late to talk about it!!) and other things. Right now I enjoy to work with fabric and lace, I got a stock of antique french lace and it's just a pleasure to use it !
I am not just doing personal things but work on a stock for the shop I have just opened on Zibbet!
Hoping it's going to work well, it's about handmade items and lolita fashion mostly =)
I'll be back on the subject but for now there is the pictures of my latest things:

Altered cardboard egg:

The first time I altered an egg and I like it, wanted to try for a while.

An altered egg box, first try too, a mix of vintage and shabby:

And with the part of the carboard egg I cut, I did a spring configuration to fix on a wall:

And here is a fabric and lace vintage book, I like how it turned and the messy aspect =)

And for finish I made a book to store my lace pages, the pages inside are not all from me, just two of them, the other ones are from my friends Debbie and Terry and the chunky charms made by Debbie too.
I want to do another book like this with pages from other artists so swaps are welcome !

Pages from friends:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

Time is come for the design team call ! During the past years I was looking at the beautiful projects made by creative artists, and this year I said "why not trying ?" I see this opportunity to challenge myself first because Graphic 45 and their gorgeous papers give us the chance to let our imagination fly without limits. To be a member of the design team sounds like a dream at the idea to play with those papers and it's a big boost in the creativity sense and ideas. Just the idea to participate to the contest is something exciting and a very good experience !

So here are my four projects for the design team call :

Gazebo using "Secret Garden" line

Jewlery box using "Couture" line

Pincushion using "Couture" line

Inivitation card using "Time to Celebrate" line